Tunisia is a country with a colossal historical and natural variety. A country that embraces an entirety of climates , a country that started its greek journey with the company of Alyssa through a fascinating nature and a graceful heritage towards the land of ancient mosaics !


The heart of viridescent Tunisia is the ancient “Medina” which will be our first stop. Enrobed with a mythical charm and a deeply rooted history,standing strong for 13 centuries, the walls of archaism will welcome you scented with the fumes of “Chicha” hybrated with Sufi chants and folk culture. Visitors are embellished with “El machmum” and its walls are enrobed with arabic scriptures and drawings.

You can’t pass its alleys without paying the mosque of “el zaytouna” a visit. A distinct religious monument . A manifestation of poetry and religious rituals. This city is ost known for its “Souks” (markets) : souk “el baraka” , a souk for gold and silver clothing that goes way back to an ancient traditional dress style.

We will wrap up this unique journey on day 3 where we arrive to Sidi Bousaid on bikes, a suburban town that sits over the top of a rock cliff far away from the fuss and the fray of a fast-paced life. The fruit of the sky swaying between the shades of blue and white, know best for embracing the sea,a tourist favorite indeed !

Let’s take a stroll between the sturdy building of “halq el oued” that stands as a symbol of social harmony ,a harbour its yachts and a home for beautiful beaches. Its beauty is through its spanish castle that overlooks the sea.

The next day will be an intro to the “Fatimi’ culture starting with a gate to history: El Mahdia.

Passing through the ceiled alley “Esqifa El Kahla” . The calmest of all cities known for its port and its “medina”.

Let’s move on to something from the spirit of “Amazigh” to the “jamaa el ouyoun” know as Tataouine the planet of Tatoustine in Star Wars . We’ll take a walk between fantasy and reality from the grace of the mountains to the internal beauty of the unique village of Matmata .

We will then take off to Djerba the Island of Dreams as we leave the land to ascend a pirate ship that will sail to the island of flamingos where will indulge ourselves in pearly beaches and Tunisian food delights coming from the depths of planet earth.

A barbaric day overflowing with drawings and the ancient Djerbian architecture .

All of this historical mosaic will be embraced in the IST Tunisia from the 10th to the 17th of september 2018.

Written by:Ichrak bel haj mhamed

Translated by: Amel Jlidi

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